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Let me help you with your online content marketing strategies so you can get on with being creative!

Social media for small businesses is much more than just posting a picture on Instagram or Facebook and hoping someone sees it. You need to post with purpose using content that will stop the thumb scrolling at times when your clients are online.

Nowadays, there’s so many fun ways to engage your customer online with different types of content marketing. From stop-motion animations to cinemagraphs (say what?), I can help your create engaging content for your website, social media platforms and digital advertising.


How it works:

Step #1 Content strategy >

Without a content strategy, your brand may look all over the place and you may feel directionless on what to post to social media. Together, we will create an achievable content strategy for your brand so you can present meaningful and engaging content to your target audience.

Step #2 Content creation >

Content is considered to be “king” of all things digital. So once we’ve defined the content strategy, we’ll get to work on content creation. This covers everything from images, video, copy, and graphics and feeds everything from websites, blog posts and social media posts.

Step #3 Content marketing >

From there we can look at how to use your content to create Facebook and Instagram ads to boost awareness for your business.

a few Types of content:


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