Not confident in your writing skills? No worries, I can help!

Did you know that people will only read about 20 per cent of what’s written on a webpage?

That’s why it’s important to get your copy right so your key messages get across easily and effectively. Good copywriting also helps your website gets noticed by search engines.

From wine to fashion, I’ve written copy for numerous brands’ websites, blogs, social media platforms and email marketing campaigns. Explore the packages below or get in touch for a consultation session.


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+ Creative Copy Starter Package >

Kick off your marketing

$89 / month

6 x copywriting for social media posts

1 x blog post or webpage copy edit - up to 500 words

1 x copy for marketing campaign

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+ Creative Copy Pro Package >

Boost your marketing

$110 / month

8 x copywriting for social media posts

2 x blog posts or webpage copy edit - up to 500 words

2 x copy for marketing campaigns

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Need help defining your brand’s tone of voice?

It’s important to have guidelines around the language you use for your brand across all your marketing channels such as social media and print marketing. If you’re not sure where to start, I can help!


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