Website for premium floral designer


I just love building websites! But this one I loved designing especially, as it’s all about flowers!

It’s quite rare that I work with some who has a strong vision of what they like and knows who their target audience is. But Crissha, owner of Piccolo Petalo, had worked in marketing for many years before her floral fingers were set alight and it’s really helped her define what her business is about and who it’s for.

It was important that her website was designed with a premium look and feel. Were able to use the wedding photography images from the various wedding’s she’s worked on for a professional look. For the copy, I naturally focused on SEO keywords, but also used language that was quite to direct but without being stuffy.

I’m really proud of this website and Crissha clearly has a lot of talent. Unique is one word that is always bantered around a lot, but her designs really are special. Please explore her new website and her beautiful floral designs.