Three tools for social media scheduling


I’m all for doing things in one big session rather than as I go. For instance, I’ll spend a day writing blog posts to get a few months worth of content. I’ll spend a few hours planning out content ideas then set up a photo shoot to a few months worth of content in one go. Then I’ll spend another day scheduling out what my social media posts will be for as far into the future as possible.

I find it much easier to do it in “bulk” but leave a little bit of room for some reactive posts such as new content and other sparks of inspiration. This doesn’t work for everyone but for me it’s the best approach.

Using a third-party tool for your social media marketing can really help you stay on top of your social media posting. Here’s three that I’ve used and liked.

Sked Social

I personally use Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) for my social media post scheduling. This Aussie company has come along way from when I first started using it. Previously I found posts would sometimes fail or post half a broken image.

But so far it’s been solid. They also introduced a Planner view so you can get an overview of how your scheduled posts will look within your profile. That’s a neat feature if you like to do triple tile posts. The interface is easy to use with clean analytics to track your engagement. You can also schedule your Facebook posts. Sign up for the free trial to see if you like it.


Hootsuite has also come along way. Only last year did they introduce the ability to schedule posts from within the browser. Prior to this they only had a reminder system and you still had to do it manually. That said, I didn’t find the new scheduler very reliable. Posts were said to have been posted when they hadn’t and it couldn’t handle videos well.

It is great as a social media “listening” tool though. You can follow hashtags, competitors accounts and also respond to comments and questions.

Their blog is always worth the read with great resources. From time to time they have interesting and insightful webinars on social media trends and changes.


Later is very similar the Sked Social and I think it just comes down to a matter of interface preference and what you need. You can schedule to Facebook plus Twitter and Pinterest too which is a little more than Sked Social offers. You can use it for free forever, but the free plan is pretty limited - you can’t post more than one photo at a time or add in locations. Some of the paid features are pretty useful such as the ‘Best time to post’ report.

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