What is stop motion and why should you use it?

When I created a stop motion for a wine company, I had so many people ask me "How did you do that?!" 

Stop motion isn't a new technique but it regaining popularity on social media. It's an eye-catching way to tell a story that is more surreal than a regular video as it allows for all the objects to come to life. 

There are a few ways you can create stop motion videos, such as graphics, photos and, if you've ever seen Wallace & Gromit, clay! 

Here's a fun (and delicious) stop motion video I made from a series of photos for wine-soaked chocolate dipped strawberries.  

So how did I make this video?

This video was a series of photographs taken by a camera on a tripod. Since I was both the "hand model" and photographer, I used a wireless trigger to take each photo. 

I then edited the images in Photoshop and used Premiere Pro to make the video. Each photo, or frame, displays for around one second. 


Tips for making your first stop motion:

  • Storyboard your stop motion first, especially if dealing with food.

  • Top-down shooting works really well for this kind of video and looks impressive.

  • Use a tripod and wireless trigger if you're going to be doing everything yourself.

  • Blue Tack can stop objects from moving or rolling around.

  • Use tape to mark out the edges of the frame in your scene so you don't have to keep checking the view finder.