Make landing pages part of your marketing strategy

Landing pages are an effective way to showcase all the content you have for a digital marketing activation. Once in place, they’re easy to build upon or remove without interrupting the rest of your website. It’s also a very easy way to see who’s engaged with your campaign through page analytics. 

You can have landing pages for promotions, competitions, explain a range of products or for advertising campaigns. If you were running an online competition, for example, a landing page would be ideal as you can explain the prize and its value, terms and conditions and eventually the prize winner.

They’re designed to give you all the details you need on one page with ‘calls to action’ such as forms or links to a shop.

This is an example of a page I created for Devil’s Corner new “Devil’s Corner and the Deep Blue Sea” campaign. The campaign was promoted through social media as a brand awareness driver. Audience members who clicked through were taken to the campaign landing page.


So why not just point them to the homepage? The website homepage is more general and leads people to all areas of your website, while a landing page is more targeted in its message and has specific calls to action.

The page includes copy explaining the meaning behind the campaign, a promotional video, product images and a call to action.

Use a landing page for your next promotion and see how effective it is to track visitors and test the effectiveness of a campaign. Use a simple but specific URL extension that related to your campaign. In the Devil’s Corner instance, I used as it has a nice flow.