Prosecco Spritz content

Jumping on the Aperol spritz trend, Brown Brothers released a Prosecco Spritz in a 750ml bottle and 250ml can.

The content brief was to showcase:

  • How to serve

  • When to enjoy it

  • The unique flavour



The photography needed to be clean and bright with a sense of fun. The product has a distinct orange bitters flavour which was emphasised in some images. The wine can be enjoyed with ice and a slice of orange also. The images have been used on various digital and print campaigns.


The flavour profile of the drink was important to highlight, as well as the ease of popping and pouring wine into a glass of ice and orange slices. These simple concepts allowed for a fun and playful approach.


Copy was kept short and sweet with a focus on the product's flavour and how to serve. The page also included the stop motion video, photography linking to the online shop and a social media feed from the #bbproseccospritz influencer campaign.


Webpage design & copywriting: Stephanie Moring, Stackla social media integration
Photography: Stephanie Moring
Videography: Fridayland, produced by Stephanie Moring