Copywriting for Mix Shake Pour

Mmm… chocolate coated coffee beans!

Mmm… chocolate coated coffee beans!

It’s always a pleasure writing copy for brands that bring some joy into people’s lives.

Mix Shake Pour (MSP) is one of those brands where the concept is simple - to provide cocktail kits with all the ingredients for people to make and enjoy at home with their friends.

It’s a nice product for anyone who is just so over heading out and wants a fun night in with no fuss.

I kicked off the project by getting some insight into MSP’s target audience and defining the brand’s tone of voice.

Melissa, the owner of this small Sydney start-up, said she wanted her brand to sound like an “elegant hipster”;  high-end but not snobby.

I nutted out what an elegant hipster would sound like and Googled videos of celebrity hipsters so I could gauge how they speak and the types of words they use. I provided Melissa with a clear guide on how to use the tone of voice, plus a list of language to avoid so her own tone wouldn’t be off-brand when she writes copy herself.

I then set about writing the product blurbs for each cocktail pack. The SEO for the copy was very simple with cocktails, recipes and gifting being the main focus. I also did a bit of research into each cocktail’s history to add in some colour to the copy.

Copy for Tom Collins, the king of cocktails.

Copy for Tom Collins, the king of cocktails.

Being such a fresh start-up, there wasn’t a huge amount to draw from for the About page copy. But it’s an important page that typically gets a good amount clicks. I focused on the brand’s concept and the history of cocktails to pull together a few paragraphs that really explains the brand’s ethos.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.08.04 am.png

The website is still a evolving but the packaging is fantastic and photography is really beautiful. It was really fun to write the copy and I hope people enjoy reading it! I look forward to seeing this brand grow. Best of luck to Melissa!

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