CatchUp.Media creates beautiful websites, social media strategies, creative content and crafts copy for small businesses.

If you’re just starting out, contact CatchUp.Media today so we can catch you up to your competitors.

Your customers will expect you to have a website and social media presence. We can work together so you can be up and running online with a strategic plan to raise awareness for your business and attract new customers.

CatchUp.Media can also help you with:

✓ Website design
✓ Social media strategy and execution
✓ Social media community management
✓ Content strategy & execution for websites and social media
✓ Copywriting for online
✓ Facebooks advertising
✓ Google advertising

 Filling in as the “talent” for a Devil’s Corner winery shoot.

Filling in as the “talent” for a Devil’s Corner winery shoot.

Meet CatchUp.Media’s founder

Hi, I’m Steph, owner of CatchUp.Media!

I have over 10 years experience working on digital projects with an emphasis on creativity. I’ve worked on $1000 websites through to global projects which have cost over $20 million.

My creative career has spanned many roles; having previously worked as a graphic designer and dressing top models at the New York Fashion Week.

From floristry to painting and designing fabric prints, my interest in creative pursuits is always growing.


Want to know more? Here’s a few fun facts:

  • I hold a Bachelor of Design and a Masters of Media Practice.

  • I was an ice skater for over 20 years but finally retired when I turned 30!

  • I’ve photographed a few famous people including a former Prime Minister, Katy Perry & Ruby Rose.

  • My photography and writing have been published in major newspapers and fashion magazines in Australia as overseas.

  • I love all forms of digital marketing. Oh and coffee, I love coffee!

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